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We all have an unavoidable footprint. Furthr can help:


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From just £4/month, you can have a positive impact in our global fight against climate change. Give back to our planet more than you use.

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Your funding will plant trees and sponsor renewable energy each month on our world-leading projects. Together, these projects reduce carbon emissions, provide habitat for endangered wildlife & employ local communities.

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Keep track of the forest you've planted & carbon emissions you’ve reduced across your projects. We’ll send you one email a month letting you know exactly how you're helping our planet, and you can check your impact anytime in your account.

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In 1963, forests covered 10% of Kenya - today, that number is only 6%. High rates of deforestation have reduced rainwater for local communities, leading to increased flooding and raised temperatures. In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we are planting protected trees across the Great Rift Valley and the North Kenyan Coast, restoring ecosystems & creating employment for local impoverished communities.


Sidrap Wind Farm

Whilst having the perfect climate for renewables, the vast majority of Indonesia's electrical power is generated from its abundance of dirty energy sources such as coal. Greenpeace estimated that Indonesia's coal plants lead to 6500 premature deaths every single year. We are changing this through funding Indonesia's first ever National Grid-supplying wind farm, which provides enough energy to power 70,000 homes and prevent 141,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.


Nuetech Solar Water Heating

Out of the 30 worst-polluted cities across the globe, 21 are in India, with 140 million people in India breathing air that is at least 10 times over the WHO safe limit. We are tackling this by funding the distribution of innovative solar-thermal water heaters throughout India, which cuts fossil-fuelled electricity by up to 30% for each household and provide cleaner air for millions.



More than 90% of Madagascar’s forests have been destroyed since humans inhabited the island, displacing entire animal species and communities. Our subscribers are combatting this through employing local communities to plant mangrove trees monthly along Madagascar's north coast. These trees provide critical habitat for endangered wildlife and are rebuilding the island's natural coastal defence.

Project Certifications

All of our projects are certified to the highest standards. Our renewable energy projects are verified by the UN & Gold Standard for the carbon emissions they reduce. The example above is UN CER certification awarded to Furthr from our India Solar Thermal Project, officially certifying the prevention of 28 Tonnes of carbon. Please find all of our recent carbon prevention certificates on our Transparency page

Delighted with my winnings from Furthr. Not only are you supporting a fundamental cause in reducing your carbon impact, you’re also involved with a great brand who care about their following.

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