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Bringing the feel-good to our climate crisis

Let's be honest, climate change is overwhelming. It can make us feel anxious. It can make us feel like there's no solution.

But luckily, there is a solution. And that solution is collective action.

We're here to make being part of that collective action easy and fun. We're here to make you have a worldwide positive impact from your own phone - and to help you feel great on the way!

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Reforesting Madagascar

More than 90% of Madagascar's original forest cover has been destroyed due to human activity, displacing entire animal species and significantly reducing water quality. Our subscribers are helping combat this by planting protected trees each day across 30+ mangrove and dry deciduous sites, providing paid work for local communities in the process.

India Solar Water Heating

India is the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases worldwide after China & the Us, with coal still meeting a whopping 80% of the nation's energy demand. Our subscribers are tackling this issue at a household level, helping to provide homes & buildings across India with innovative solar cells to heat water directly from the sun.

Reforesting Mozambique

Mozambique loses over 1000 football fields' worth of forest every day, with 45% of the population living below the poverty line and relying on biodiversity for survival. Our subscribers are planting trees across 35+ Mozambique sites, whilst providing employment for communities local to the projects.

Sidrap Wind Farm

Indonesia is abundant in the climate resources needed to scale up a green national power grid, yet renewables only account for 7% of its current energy mix. Furthr subscribers are helping fast-track this green future through funding Indonesia's first every grid-supplying wind farm, which produces enough clean energy to power 70,000 homes a year.

Project Certifications

All of our projects are certified to the highest standards. Our renewable energy projects are verified by the UN & Gold Standard for the carbon emissions they reduce. The example above is UN CER certification awarded to Furthr from our India Solar Thermal Project, officially certifying the prevention of 28 Tonnes of carbon. Please find all of our recent carbon prevention certificates on our Transparency page

What Our Subscribers Say

We're rated Excellent on Trustpilot

I love that it shows me how much carbon I'm offsetting... and as an added bonus to feeling great for looking after the planet, I've won £35 in cash prizes! You don't get much more of a win/win than this!

Josh N

Furthr Subscriber

I am learning so much about my carbon footprint which is something that I've not appreciated before, and I am so grateful to Furthr in helping me with this. Would 100% recommend!

Annie B

Furthr Subscriber

This is exactly what I have been looking for. Such a great easy way to do some good!

Charlie M

Furthr Subscriber

A great sustainable initiative. I've spoken to their customer service a few times and to be honest they have been the friendlist I've dealt with.... Subscriptions that offset our carbon output, whilst giving subscribers the chance to win cash - so clever!

Dan R

Furthr Subscriber

The ability to sponsor tree planting projects make you feel like you're making a real difference, and to top it all off my £100+ in prize money this year has helped to offset the disaster that has been 2020!

Alistair M

Furthr Subscriber

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