Plant trees.
Reduce emissions.
Feel good!

Have a positive climate impact... and have some fun on the way.

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Just 4 steps to help the planet!

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Fund Trees & Renewables

Plant up to 65 trees/month and sponsor our world-leading renewable energy projects. You'll reduce emissions, whilst building habitat for endangered wildlife & employing local communities.

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Track Your Impact

See your positive climate impact in ways you can understand. We'll send you a monthly personal impact email, and you can check anytime in your online impact profile.

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Learn to Reduce

We'll send you easy monthly tips to reduce your own footprint, curated by our team for your own lifestyle. Let us know your current behaviours and we'll do the rest!

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Win Prizes Monthly

To keep things exciting, each month you'll get chances to win more trees planted, experiences, eco-goodies & cash! And of course - all prizes can be swapped for more trees planted.

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Subscription Transparency

Transparency is everything for us: please see below our breakdown of where your subscription funding goes each month

Tree planting & renewable projects
See our projects
Spreading the word
Keeping Furthr running
Prize Draw pool

Our Tree Planting and Renewable Projects are certified by world leaders in climate action


Our renewable energy projects are certified under the United Nations' CDM for the carbon emissions they reduce


The WWF's Gold Standard verifies our project's design to ensure they acheive the carbon reduction ongoing


Eden Reforestation Projects is a world-leading reforestation charity, who have planted over 440 million trees worldwide.

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Subscription Plans

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Bringing the feel-good to our climate crisis

Let's be honest, climate change is overwhelming. It can make us feel anxious. It can make us feel like there's no solution.

But luckily, there is a solution. And that solution is collective action.

We're here to make being part of that collective action easy and fun. We're here to make you have a worldwide positive impact from your own phone - and to help you feel great on the way!

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Sponsor world-leading climate solutions

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Tonnes of CO₂ Reduced
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Trees Planted
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Working Days Provided
Fazenda Afforestation
Safe Water Access
Nammakal Biogas
Reforestation Mozambique
Run-of-river Hydro
Reforestation Kenya
Solar Water Heating India
Reforestation Madagascar
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What Our Subscribers say

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So what happens after you sign up?

Step 1
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You're Climate Positive!

Your project funding immediately makes you carbon neutral & beyond! Check your progress online anytime.

Step 2
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Lifestyle Survey

Let us know a bit about your current lifestyle so we can help you reduce your own emissions

Step 3
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Monthly Tips Email

We'll send you personal tips to minimize your own carbon footprint

Step 4
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Monthly Impact Email

We round-up your positive impact in ways you can understand - and let you know if you've won any prizes!

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Each month you will be able to

Plant up to 65 protected trees
Track your positive impact
Get personalised carbon reduction tips
Reduce emissions on world-leading renewable projects
Get chances to win big in our monthly prize draws
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This Month’s Prize

🌳 Cash prizes can be exchanged for additional trees planted

Subscribe now for a chance to win


On average, 1 in 10 of our subscribers wins each month! Please see more detail on our Transparency page .