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About Us

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Our Mission

Our Mission

headshot of one of Furthr's co-founders called Mikey



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Hey! Big thank you for being here with us and for your interest in the initiative we're building.

We co-founded Furthr as two best friends with a shared mission to make climate action an enjoyable part of everyday life.

If we're both honest, we find that the climate crisis causes a great deal of anxiety and helplessness. Whilst these emotions are important and unavoidable, we need to flip them into tangible positivity if we are to drive the change we need on the scale required. This is why we've created Furthr - from the personalized metrics to the prize draw, to the knowledge hub and everything that's to come. It's all in an effort to make saving the planet real and rewarding!

Tree dying to represent our detrimental effect on the environment

The Problem:
We all care, but how do we act?

There's no denying the climate emergency we find ourselves in - it's one of the few things we can be certain about nowadays! The good news is that you and I really do care and therefore we're committed to doing something to help. But it's such a tough one isn't it: you look around and you see such an immense problem, with so much detail but such a lack of immediate impact. It's just so easy to end up feeling detatched & hopeless.

Dying tree with no leaves
Golden trophy with confetti

The Solution:
Make it Real & Rewarding

The solution must be to make the act of saving the planet wholly relatable and engaging. This is why we've created an exciting monthly carbon offset subscription service where you can keep track of your personal offset in relatable terms and even enter our prize draws if you fancy. Of course, this is only part of the puzzle, and we all need to reduce our existing footprints as much as we can. Our Knowledge Hub can help here, and is just as integral to our initiative.

Self-sustainaing renewable energy community

...So let's build a community of climate realists!

So lets get together and solve this as a community who care about saving the planet in a human way. Please join us in whichever form you'd like to as we grow... or even just send us your thoughts in the box below! Let's gooooooo...

We need you!

We want to build Furthr as a community and we are always searching for both partner collaborations and thoughts on the initiative. Please tell us anything below... thoughts on new prizes... your dogs name... what you had for breakfast... literally anything :)